Friday, February 5, 2010

Sweet-Heart Stories


Sweet-heart was reluctantly packing up her stuff to leave, unwillingly putting things in her luggage as if she were detaining to have her Lord stop her from departing. But her childish efforts were all in vain, Lord by no means seemed to have changed his mind. Sweet-heart was more impatient than waiting to hear a word from him so pleadingly burst into words: "Are you quite sure it is necessary for me to leave? ..You know..Well..I don' wish to! It's quite a lovely life here..Couldn't I just.. ". When Lord cut her words: "You know how dear you've been to me all along!..How come you doubt about my decisions about you? ". Sweet-heart replied in a way that more than ever tried to make her voice lovely: "When you start talking about departure, I unconsciously start doubting whether you truly love me!". Lord focused a fatherly frown on her and told her smiling: "That is exactly the reason why I'm sending you out there! … To show you obvious evidences of all you doubt about! ... to let you grow up, to become thorough, to purify your love towards me and prove mine to you...That's to your benefit, just trust me!"
Sweet-heart was desperate! She picked the luggage up and limped towards the door. Before she turned the door handle, turned back to have her last glance on Lord and whispered:"Don't take your eyes off me …I'll be quite alone! "…Lord whispered back reassuringly:"I will dear! You'll be back soon, promise!"
She opened the door and stepped out while her tears were restlessly slipping down her cheeks …She couldn’t overcome her sobs so she ran away so that Lord wouldn't hear the sound!
She ran into the new world weeping … And that was how she was born !


Mahsa Mohammadi said...

Sweet-heart stories to be continuied ! :)
fasten your sear belts ! ;)

علی said...

I always wonder how can a sweet heart change to a devil!?
Shitan was a sweet heart(but I don't know exactly he is "he or she"!) and after that just in a moment by an action ...
we should fear but we have our hopes to God's forgivness.

Komal Khan said...

Beautiful :)

Waiting for part two...

zahra said...

Oh my gosh!(dear my mother ;) )
So nice!
You write such as O'henry , Mahsa!
I'm so surprised because of end of your story!
Thanks... :)

Mahsa Mohammadi said...

To Zahra:
Thank you friend !!! ..That was indeed a BIG encouragement! ;)

To Komal :
Thank you ! :)

To Ali:
I am optimist in this case on the other hand...I'd say there's always a Sweet-heart within us ,though our actions can hurt her!!..Still I'd say we can bring back that sweet-heart back to life whenever we wish to... hopping that we're always a little good to keep that sweet-heart alive .. Don' wanna imagine a time when she dies !

Mahla rahimynezhad said...

Oh my nice...It returned me to myself and made me think more deeply about myself...i am eagerly looking forward to read your next post:)

Mohammad Asghari said...

I was excellent, it really was impressive.
eagerly waiting for the second part...

ميفا said...

that's very nice!
I love your notes!

Mahsa Mohammadi said...

Thanks my dear friends! :) your words were enlightening!

Hoping these posts will awaken our forgotten sweet-hearts .. How we all miss her !

de b!g Bro (Mo... Ne..) said...

Wow! Check it out! What an awesome writing! Did ma sister write it? :O WOW! I'm impressed. I should confess that you're not only a smartSIS and a talented girl, but also an incredible writer. Your writing was so catchy and it encouraged me to follow it sentence by sentence until the very end where the key message was! How cute and mysterious! I enjoyed it a looot! Keep up the great work!
Comments from de b!g Bro
P.S. Your command of English is SUPER PERFECT! If I didn;t know you, I would have thought you teach English somewhere! :D

Mahsa Mohammadi said...

To B!g bro !

The pleasure to see you here, my place on the web :)
Of course i'm as happy and shy as 2 noghte parantez ! :) and as excited as 2 noghte D ! :D

Thanks for your enlightening comments. These comments truly encourage !

reply to the PS : i like it to teach English anyway! How's your daughter? doesnt she need one ? :P

de b!g Bro said...

To SmartSIS: Oh my daughter! Do noghte Piii !! :D She's, emmm you know! Good! :D Yes, sure she likes t learn English, let alone be your student. Can you teach French too? :D Because I want her to learn English AND French! :P

Zahra said...

I like Spanish too Mahsa! can you teach?

Mahsa Mohammadi said...

eheemm ...

Ladies n' GentleMen!

This is to inform you that SmartSis's Language institute, a center of Cross-cultur ,Cross-continent linguistic center ; will shortly start to enroll the Genius!
The only thing that will remain would be to answer the followong question:
"Any idea to Pass 'Design Algorithm' course with Dr Ghodsi besides teaching?"
I believe i was caught my the atmosphere the moment i took my course with him ! :P

Mahsa Mohammadi said...

* caught By the atmosphere ! :P

de b!g Bro said...

:)) Although I have no idea who Dr Ghodsi is and what so-called 'Design Algorithm' is all about, I am pretty sure you'll pass de course! How? I'm sorry! I cannot reveal such confidential information.
Oh an yes! Spanish is such a nice language too. If you teach it in your institute, I will enroll as well! :D I'm planning to learn it after French, if I didn't go crazy with languages by then. : P
One last question, is MAHSA College ( affiliated with your institute? :D Or are they just using your name and brand to attract customers here in Malaysia? :P You know nowadays there are so many fake institutes that's why i wanted to double check with u. :P

Mahsa Mohammadi said...

Dr Ghodsi is a very nice man and one feels cool to be his student as long as no exams has been taken.He's quite a great man in our field .. the owner of important projects..FarsiTex(a useful mathematics editor),ACM contests(he once brought it in Iran),directing Computer Olympiad in Iran and more!you'll find him here : ...Being his student is both fascinating and tough!

well...I am personally interested to know why they designated that name for the collage!I got fascinated the moment i googled my name and found that collage.. No wonder they had it on their mind to misuse my name to attract the public .. we're humble..what matters is the quality that we stand first in any event ;)
Learning languages... my sweet-heart liked it from the day she stepped the world!

de b!g Bro said...

I look into Dr. Ghodsi's page and he seems to be an hard-working and energetic academician. It should be a nice experience having course with such professors. Oh and exams are the appetite of any course! :D I hope that you always taste the good flavors of it though! ;)
You should sue the college for using the name without any written permission form your side! :D
I know it takes time for the sweet-heart to grow elder, but we're eagerly waiting for the next parts! :D

Anonymous said...

I'd prefer to use the sentences below, instead.

1. Sweet-heart was so impatient that she couldn't wait to hear a word from him. so she pleadingly burst into words.

2. Sweet-heart replied, trying to make her voice lovelier than ever:

3. I unconsciously start to doubt whether you truly love me.

4. Lord frowned at her fatherly and told her smiling:

5. to purify your love towards me and believe in mine to you...That's for your own benefit,

6. Before she turned the door handle, she looked back to have her last glance on Lord and whispered:

7. while her tears were constantly/continuously slipping down her cheeks.

8. She couldn’t overcome her sobs, thus she ran away so that Lord wouldn't hear the sound.

9. She ran into a new world weeping