Tuesday, June 15, 2010

SmartSis! listening ?

SmartSis !
Be strong! Keep up your spirits girl !... If the loneliest of all, There's at least one who believes in you and backs you as long as you're on the right track!
He's hearing every single word you say and knows whatever of hidden stuff that resides in thy chest! He won't leave a "Hi" without giving back one !

Friday, June 4, 2010

Beauty of the World around

Taking a careful look at the picture above, you'll find a bird's nest on the tree.
This nest belongs to the pair of pigeons which came to live with us in the courtyard since a couple of weeks ago... It was not until a few days ago when we got honored to realize that they're expecting a baby :D It is indescribable how compassionately they care about their only one egg ! My observations have revealed that the male pigeon sits on the egg from early in the morning till around 4 pm while the female finds some time to go and find food for her. Then she gets back and they change places ! She sits on the egg the whole time till the next morning ! ( My father taught me how to distinguish between the male and female;) )

There's such glory in the nature that plays with our eyes while staring at it! ...and right after that we'll reach to the point that How great the creator of all these luxurious stuff must be !

I am quite a lot interested in learning from nature. This interest is so much that I'm even trying a lot to make a connection between my field of study and the nature. And to my happiness, they weren't as apart as I thought they could be. There are algorithms directly inspired from nature rules. Many artificial intelligence subjects have originated basically from learning from nature. Nice enough , we have a cool realm of science called "Bio-inspired computing".
When I think of these beautiful aspects of my field, I start realizing the fact that no other major field would fulfill my eagerness towards engineering and biology, this perfectly !
I was not aware of the correctness of the choice of my field once I chose it and now it's about time to bestow a BIG thank upon the lord who assured me of that when I was uncertain !