Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cry ! Crying's beautiful !

Hi there my Lord, the sole possessor of all lines I write down , the soul of this small part of the web !

Please do me the favor of listening to me once more , put up with Smartsis's nagging for another time and do bestow me a fresh hug of your spirit so that I vitalize my soul by means of it !
Ow Lord , you're aware of the wishes that reside in this chest , you're aware of all divine or devil intentions that live behind all I happen to do in my life, you know about that familiar grudge that turns up to tickle my throat every now and then ..Ow Lord ! you know about that ridiculous story that got born and buried lonely in this heart .... It's in vein to start writing about such stories as you know them in much more detail than I do ! But I do feel good about restating them since it causes me to feel like I'm sharing them with you .. it lightens the weight of them !

Are you again in charge of my recent life ? Do you feel the presence of that usual grudge triggering my tears to drop ? Are you still having that former lovely compassion towards me ? ... Do you still care about this sinful creature ?

If I make one wish out of all wishes in the world , would you promise to grant me that ?
"I shall ask you to give YOU to me " .... having you as a companion , as a carer would be the most precious gift you can ever honor someone with ! ... You just please don't go away ... !

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Seemply put , there's a couple days I've started to more clearly realize the fact that you've blessed me BIG time all along ! It's not something I start murmering just verbally ... It is felt deep down! ...... Ow I'm speechless Lord !
You see sins but you hide them , you see unfaithfulness but you keep being loyal , you know I don't deserve but still you bless , you see i'm arrogantly going the way I wish but fatherly you again take my hands and guide to the way , you know SmartSis has too many defects but still you don't take your eyes off her ...
You admitted all above yourselfe ... you said : "His blessings has been great to you BIG TIME !" ... I couldn't be more shy !