Thursday, May 6, 2010


Seemply put , there's a couple days I've started to more clearly realize the fact that you've blessed me BIG time all along ! It's not something I start murmering just verbally ... It is felt deep down! ...... Ow I'm speechless Lord !
You see sins but you hide them , you see unfaithfulness but you keep being loyal , you know I don't deserve but still you bless , you see i'm arrogantly going the way I wish but fatherly you again take my hands and guide to the way , you know SmartSis has too many defects but still you don't take your eyes off her ...
You admitted all above yourselfe ... you said : "His blessings has been great to you BIG TIME !" ... I couldn't be more shy !


Connie L. Nash said...

I rejoice with you and your current glad you have this sense of Allah's presence once more!

Thinking said... nice to read you...again...

Yes...Allah is everywhere and where ever we turn...HE is there...

So kind and generous and loving....

Your dear Mahsa...always increased my joy of being on HIS path...thanks.

Hope this time I have spelled your name correctly...believe me it is not about famous names...its about someone's old age when people starting to forget the spelling of names...hmmm....

I hope you didn't mind....thanks

Connie L. Nash said...

Thinking, now dear plz don't start talking about old age at YOUR age or I will start to feel old when now I hardly ever do...:))

I had left another comment the other day on the post before last...Also I wonder if you'd mind if I revised the poem especially for you just a little and "showed it off"?

Mahsa Mohammadi said...

@Dear Thinking !
Ow friend I did not at all mind it .. instead if even liked it ;)
when i was younger i remember i would participate in discussion forums.There I had a couple of friends who always read my name "Masha" at the first glance :) I was just recalled of those teenage years .. high school ... oooo I'm missing them :-<

@Dear Connie :
Are you talking about that piece of poetry you wrote in the first comments of the previous post ? If so dear , You are the owner of it :) I'd love it any way ..and any where you post it ;)

Connie L. Nash said...

Very charming interaction between the two of you DEAR friends!

Thanx, DEAR Mahsa, as I felt that you are the "owner" having inspired...yet I am trying to turn myself into a poet, writer, artist...

Funny how such things just don't leave one fully even after years of other sorts of activity and ignoring them.

Tell us about your school goals...I'd be very interested and how everything came out with the final papers, tests, whatever you were doing recently?

Mahsa Mohammadi said...

Well.. about my school life ! :)
I am a student of computer engineering (specified in software)in Sharif University of technology in Tehran.
I am in the currently dealing with the forth term of my studies.. I'm not sure if you're familiar with the natural life of a computer engineering student .. They're constantly bombarded with loads of projects to do and hard theoretical concepts to deal with ..Let it be designing parts of a processor or designing a piece of algorithm that calculates the answer of a confusing puzzle in a limited time using limited sources :D
My school projects are just too many that I'm not sure which one you're asking about ;) ... Sharif is a tough school and students there do need to burst their best to benefit from the scientific environment they're provided with !
I am recently getting quit interested in the field of "Bio-inspired computing" ! .. As i've got somewhat familiar with it , it is a realm of science in which computer experts benefit from getting inspired by learning about natural algorithms and processes! Since I personally do have a tendency towards natural science, I find it indeed very interesting ! I'm thinking of consulting with a professor in this case to get to know about recent projects in this field and if possible take part in one of them ! :)

Mahsa Mohammadi said...

Correction to the last post : * I am currently dealing with the forth term ! (I am a professor in writing things wrongly .. I never learn to go back and read my sentences before i push the submit button :D )

Another aspect of my interests in about languages !! I adore learning different languages since each one of it does indeed open a new world to people!
I learned English during my teenage years and rejoiced the sweet moments of going up in levels ! Learning it ,is a very nice memory that delicately resides in my mind !
I started learning French but soon after I got more seriously involved with school affairs I let go at that ..

Indeed there are few things in the world that I might not be interested about learning it !..With this short life that human is granted , I hardly think i can achieve all I yearn to learn :)

How about you ? Are you involved with any project or job ?

Connie L. Nash said...

Thanx so much for your answer! I am extremely interested in your projects and school efforts although this is such a foreign language to me. However I'm seeking some way I can get more technical expertise with computers and related...

What I see already that we have in common besides taking a most spontaneous and heartfelt approach to our faith in God as "The Friend" and our daily Companion is just this...

That we both are interested in "most everything"! So therefore, the whole world sometimes feels quite interesting and available to us.

My daughter is also like this yet, learning more and more about myself these days, I caution her lovingly, gently - to try to "specialize" somewhat at least with the major goals -- because otherwise, like me she may not succeed in any of her goals.

Now, I am more and more comfortable with the way I am and what is ahead for my work here...yet even at my stage and praying to find more limited focus.

As it's been quite a busy life being mother, wife to doctor, friend to neighborhood children who have mostly single mothers - but mostly my time has been spent with my own children three out of four adopted until fairly recently yet not over completely yet at all along with personal studies of various sorts; also plenty of human rights...

Lately I see that I will never be satisfied unless I develop who I am as a writer/artist of sorts and not just human rights as compelling as this is.

I have a special project that Insha Allah will pull together these various paths into one in field of "meaning and understanding" bringing about healing cross-culturally for the traumatized person.

Well, more later, dear Mahsa...thanx so much for listening and sharing your own status and joys! I really enjoy your lively honesty and enthusiasm for the best life has to offer.

How did you manage to become the open-hearted person of faith you are?

Mahsa Mohammadi said...

wow dear Connie !
Interesting to hear about your life and interests !
three out of four adopted ! ... oh my goodness .. you're and angel for the needed :)
I wish so much good luck for your daughter and I'm sure having such great mother will surely make it a successful daughter ;)
Today I was at university since 7:15 in the morning till 4. I tried a lot to do my university affairs after getting back home but hardly could I concentrate very well . It is gonna be a tough period of time till Monday :-S .. a number of midterms ,a project of designing a piece of hardware, a lecture !!(I'm gonna have a lecture in the is a class in which the professor teaches us the know-how of giving scientific lectures for, say thesis representation or occasions like that ... I'm gonna have a lecture for a try! and need to fulfill the material I need to talk about).. Ow .. such busy days I'm having ... I yearn for summer !!
soon after I get done with these affairs , I'm gonna have things to say and comments to give about your last post , BIG TIME ;)
Good time till then