Thursday, December 31, 2009

Uncover the truth

What upsetting days are going on recently ...
How simply pure sorrow captures my soul .... How vividly I sense it !
..Yeah I sense it better than ever ... I sense the lie ... I sense it all being false ... all being fake ..Something behind their talks, shouts to me : " I am pure Lie ! "

And all those grudges in your throat , nudging against you , striving to find a way out ... to shout shout with its full volume of voice : "For God's sake don't let it go that way ! "...
And all those flags raised in the sky pinches my heart so sharply and leaves me in a disappointed inactivity ... No sign of hope ... no sign of truth ... no sign of respect to humanity !
Go on Man , Go on !
Let all those values be yours ... our goodies have all along been released under your license , as if they never have existed before your birth ! ... the license that's doing his best job in deforming them all ... I fear the day when you end up ruining them ! ...
Be careful Man what prices you're giving to buy your stuff ... Take those holy book papers off your swords ... I'm not that stupid day-paid surface-minded one to believe your jokes !

Dear man ! Dear leader !
These days I better feel how it was like for your fathers .. How your father says he would share his complaints with the well ... How painful can it be to live with the dumb ! ... How upsetting might that be to see newly empowered people trying to own all that you once brought to them , taught them and uncovered the ambiguities fatherly ! ... you see it all being stolen from you, firstly deformed, later even ruined , rebuilt in their own favorite ways and brought back to you ! .. Take it or bade farewell to life !
Dear great man ...
forgive the rest of our penalty ... It's gonna be fairly unbearable..We're not that strong !
I feel the weight of your glance on me ... end up these never-ending days of your departure ..I plead !

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I Regret

Don't say you've forgotten about those days girl !
Don't say you don't recall a a single moment of those stressful moments...all those prayers all in pleads ..all in frustration ! You remember what you wanted the Lord ?! Remember your words?! IF not , I clearly do ! How come you expect the Lord to care about you while you carelessly offend his beloved ones ? I dare say you need a touch of those days again ... just a touch for a remark !
For God's sake be a bit appreciative ... Don't beak that promise ..You deserve much better attitudes ! ..
I regret having been such a nerd..I regret having been this nervy .. this cheeky..I wonder how you still care about me Lord .. How you keep being hopeful !How you still patiently listen at times I tend to talk to you! How come you never happen to say : "Go away! You're driving me nuts!"
If there's a tender heart , be cautious not to crack it by your flipping it ! If you can be of mercy to someone , why to stingily refuse it? That mustn't be the way ...

I'm badly becoming short of words...I feel like all those divine senses have flew away from me ...

Never again Do you ever let someone get hurt by you ! An ultimate warning !

Monday, December 14, 2009

Sailor ...Sail me home ...

It's quit a long time I'm yearning to write to you..Are you still keeping tracks of my life? are you caring about my recent moods? Something assures me yes !

Sailor..! Sail me home ..... Sailor I'm alone...

You see my boat over head on that roaring sea? Oh..yes ..that's it..a bunch of loosely tied together pieces of sticks ,aimlessly floating on that black sea, exhilaratedly watching around in anticipation to see if possibly you turn up from somewhere...If possibly you get on board, telling my poor boat where to head off to ! If you are here , the whole world is here..If you're here, the whole spirit of the world gets poured in my little garden of heart..If you're here, Love turns up again !
Dear Sailor ! These trembling hands no longer can keep the boat in charge..I've lost the map ! My week eyes can no longer recognize the path by staring at those guiding stars! Where have those stars vanished?
You see that breathtaking tornado over head? Ow I fear it sailor..I fear myself..i fear missing you..
How at times I plead it to have you in front of me , telling about the Yes and No's !
Some thing whispers in my ear : " Go back Girl ...Get back to the coast..there's no way in that furious sea..there's no aim ..there's no way! "...But right at that time , another thing reminds me of my goals beyond the sea, of my responsibilities! The obligation that shakes my hands, shakes my whole body .. I vividly sense the weight of it on my trembling shoulders !

Keep me that innocent creature ! Keep me that former sea surfer ! Don't let the severeness of the sea wind scratch on my soul ..Don't let it capture my whole being ! Let me Stay Yours !

Sailor ! Sail me home...Sailor ! I'm alone !