Friday, November 27, 2009

Give me back that divine girl !

Heart-originating words .....

Dear Dear creator ...
Can't turn up my head to stare at your eyes..and what can be worse?
Can't call you in that former hearty manner..and what can be worse ?
Remember those days ?.. me groaning ,moaning caressing me in that usual lovely manner... reassuring me of the things going on so times appearing in my path as if to reconfirm your true friendship... and how I'd fall into wonders at times...How at times I'd start adoring you !!! How I liked our talks ... How i loved being like such a spoilt child, dangling from their parents suits , insisting on having those dolls shining in that luxurious toy store ! ... And you'd buy me that doll as if you wished me to stay your toddler for ever..

But when I happened to learn to walk on my own ... right the time I thought I can buy myself all those lovely sparkling stuff around ... I took my hands off those suits and arrogantly took my own way ...
Go ..gooo ... I'd wish to see if that path is ever gonna reach a destination...

Remembering my beloved piece of poetry : Get back my heart! ..Get back!...This path's story is just too long ... Get back ... I'm badly in need of a heart like you !

Feel much lighter ... heh ... :) seems like you're turning up again the way , would you buy me that doll ? ;)
just never go away ! promise ?.. would you force me not to break my promise too ?! :D .. You're aware of the degree of my being spoilt ! :D

Hearts to You !

Friday, November 13, 2009

These recent days

Hello deari diaries ...

At times when special feelings capture my thought, when in the silence of night i start pondering about the this and that ... when i start reviewing my life , analyzing the events , my manners and attempt to unlock the mysteries of many happening .... i suddenly get recalled about you , my Blog !
i like you as a true listener who patiently listens and cools me down ! thank you buddy , i admire your care and loyalty !

You see how life's going on within these days... mom's on a trip ..and i feel such obligation for the whole house chores.. but anyway i like it.. i like being responsible for such things. I like nurturing my family like the way they nurtured me...i get peaceful vibes the moments i care about them and bestow my love to them.... i admire such dependable father.. sometimes i wonder how i am alike him... we think quite in the same manner !! ... i trill my sister's chattering all the time..telling me about her stupid activities at school ..ha ha...she's such a fun ! at times i hide my laughter from her so that she no longer keep on talking to me for hours... i like mom with all her excitments and trills .. with all her lovely nagging , which i'v got addicted to and cant depart ... i cherish life with its all subtle details... it's all so nice , i dare say !

I've got 2 quizzes tomorrow and 2 midterms by the end of the week , but amazingly no little stress is available within me :D :D ha haaa .... sometimes self confidence over flows.... but seriously something tells me they'll go alright...

I heared strange words from a friend last night ... the side effects are still present ,, but i guess i'v got mature enough to go through such conditions quite skillfully... i'm having my God's hands of supports on my shoulders and i'm more than sure he shall guide me to the right path ! ameen.