Tuesday, April 20, 2010

SmartSis-kind Wishes

The importance of human being compared to that of other species; has all along been due to his ability to choose, decide and live a self-made life. Its been clearly declared in holy books that human beings are constantly being examined ... they're facing dilemmas every now and then, thinking of possible solutions and choosing the best that fits they priorities !
Yes ! This is what we ought to be .. this is what makes us different ! ..We build up our lives the way we want !

But , Have you not ever moaned about the difficulty of it ? Have you not ever felt the weight of pressure that pushes against you while you're caught in a condition not knowing what to do? Have you not ever sighed :"Couldn't you come down Lord for a while and show me the right way? "
.. Now when I track down the problem to the very small possible reasons; I start realizing that It's been all my fault .. You are indeed very close Lord , How come I don't see or hear you at times ?
Today I clearly reached to the truth of the sentence saying : " Lord ! Do I have any one but you?" ... Yes , there's indeed no one who's as caring , as close and as lovely as you !
Forgive me for the sins that bring about miseries ! Forgive me for the sins that make my requests get rejected ! Forgive me for the sins that take away the blessings .... Lord ! forgive me for all sins I did ..
If only you give me back those innocent eyes that could see signs of you wherever they would take a glance on ... If only you give me back those ears which had your voice in the background of whatever they heard ! .. If only you call me a close friend of yours again ...
Then , The whole spirit of the world will get poured within my soul !

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Simply can't be more tired or sleepier than this ...
having been having a very hectic week and having still two days of it remained ; I'm already out or battery ...
When tasks go over one's power !
My eyelids dropped ... z Z z Z Z z z z z ....