Wednesday, September 30, 2009

When you pour out words

Dear Dear God !

The day you sent my father down on the Earth, i mean my great great Father Adam, you left him on an empty Earth, untouched ground and native land.. He stood on his feet, hunted on his own, fighted on his own, lived alone and died almost alone...though you were all along with him, picking him off the ground at times he would desperately fall down, pressing your hands against his shoulder to assure him of you support...But , besides all, He was alone !
He was courageous. He trusted your helps being all around ! yup !
How lovely it must be for you Dearie God , to see human stretching their hands towards you !...
I am the daughter of that Early father. His blood's being pumped in my veins... He's whispering voice's still in my ears : " Go ahead girl ! Don't's all like a game..God puts you on the way, you fear going on alone , but at the end you'll have realized that it's been God himself who's all along been holding your hand, telling you where to put your steps"...i have all these hopes in my small mind, and never ever can stand seeing one has broken his promise !
Don't go away..don't go away...Always be around so that i find you by a little turning my head !

Monday, September 28, 2009

Sweet Youth!

If even once you've happened to drop by a hospital or such places where people with different health conditions are , you've for sure done a huge thanks giving to God for your robust health ! health, the precious gift we hardly treasure !...i happened to realize this just recently when my grand father started suffering from kidney was such horrible days...seeing him suffer..seeing the others grief in his sorrow... he had to stay at the hospital for a couple of days during which i got the chance to have a look on how too many people feel like staying in hospitals..i saw too many young people , laying in shoulder-to-shoulder beds, getting dialysis !
fortunately , he got back home feeling much better , just under one upsetting condition that he's got to get dialysis twice a week !

Saying all those stuff was merely a remark !
i personally , at times, start to ponder if i'm using up my youth days well enough to keep being proud even if once upon a time i happen to lose all of it ?... such thoughts yields into getting into deeeeeeeeeepppp physiological thoughts i hardly can find a way out of it !! ... a must-to-be feature of youth ! huh ?

when there's no start , the would be no end either.... ! what ever the end would be , i'd rather start before it's a bit too late !
yeah life ! fasten your seat belt ! i love you, i appriciate every single moment of you , and i'll live you you.... i waana go up to pick all those shining things twinking at me up in the sky!!

That's where i begin

In most cases people find writing an interesting as well as a relaxing hobby, so the same is with me !
At times, when the mood of writing from-the-heart lines happens to dawn on you, perhaps you'll find blogging a cool activity !

The view above is the one i got today, from the top of my university faculty building, we had the view of the whole city,Tehran, beneath ourselves !