Monday, September 28, 2009

Sweet Youth!

If even once you've happened to drop by a hospital or such places where people with different health conditions are , you've for sure done a huge thanks giving to God for your robust health ! health, the precious gift we hardly treasure !...i happened to realize this just recently when my grand father started suffering from kidney was such horrible days...seeing him suffer..seeing the others grief in his sorrow... he had to stay at the hospital for a couple of days during which i got the chance to have a look on how too many people feel like staying in hospitals..i saw too many young people , laying in shoulder-to-shoulder beds, getting dialysis !
fortunately , he got back home feeling much better , just under one upsetting condition that he's got to get dialysis twice a week !

Saying all those stuff was merely a remark !
i personally , at times, start to ponder if i'm using up my youth days well enough to keep being proud even if once upon a time i happen to lose all of it ?... such thoughts yields into getting into deeeeeeeeeepppp physiological thoughts i hardly can find a way out of it !! ... a must-to-be feature of youth ! huh ?

when there's no start , the would be no end either.... ! what ever the end would be , i'd rather start before it's a bit too late !
yeah life ! fasten your seat belt ! i love you, i appriciate every single moment of you , and i'll live you you.... i waana go up to pick all those shining things twinking at me up in the sky!!


DJ said...

we all see things which make us think this way, but our thoughts don't matter that much, what matters is how we respond to it and how we react. . .

Mahsa Mohammadi said...

Sure, indeed it is how we act that actually matters..but at times some tiny happenings turn up as if they were supposed to be giving us little hunches,nudging to betterly remember and praise things we get benefit from!

Saied Barati said...

Life is not a rpoblem to be solved. it's a gift to be enjoyed