Thursday, March 25, 2010

moments of despair

When you've ran into a trouble ...
When it has disorganized your mind ...
When your mind's showing a busy sign at every time you drop by it ...
When all your moments are kind'a getting affiliated with this problem ...
When there's no way to get things right ...
When no poor solution runs to your mind ...
When there's not a single way you can share your problem with someone ...
When no one looks to be a bit beneficial ...
When any possible action will change things for worse ...
When you clearly sense the meaning of "there's nothing to do" ...
When that naughty nerve is again pushing against your head ...

The only thing that will surely work for you is to relaxingly close your eyes, think of how great God can be and say : "I'll put things up to you ! .. Get things right ! "

Monday, March 22, 2010

Holiday rituals !

It is for a number of common rituals in NoRooz that makes it special besides being blissful !
The rituals initially starts with house cleaning before the holiday begins ! ... The whole house's gonna be cleaned ! If you've got a neat mom like one of mine, you gotta do a lot of house chores by the beginning of the Spring holidays. This year near the Spring cleanings, I left for Rasht and was absent during this lovely activity :D .. Yup ! I survived it ! ...

Next it's time for new year SHOPPING ! The most beautiful part of the story indeed ! :P
After that , It's turn for setting the Haft-Sin table ... It is occasional to set a table on which a number of seven objects whose names begin with 's' are placed ! Each item put , is a symbol .. The red fish in the jug is the most lovely one ! For more info about the Haft-Sin table see the link below:

There's one more cute thing ! During the holiday relatives meet each other ! Younger relatives usually go to visit the older ones ! .. Grand parents' houses are commonly full of guests in the beginning days of the year !

Yeah ! That's it ! The nice occasions all people rejoice and count days down for their arrival at the end of the year !...Won't believe how it is exciting for a student who's counting days for the new year holiday ! ... Sometimes the end of the year happens to be even more exciting than the new year itself ! :D

Have Nice Spring friends !

Friday, March 19, 2010

New Year Wishes ...

As the birthday of nature approaches, we naturally start preparing ourselves for another celebration,for another opportunity to have get to-gathers. People go shopping and decorate their homes. It seems like our daily matters tend to vanish all at a time and the only thing that remains to be thought of , is norooz ! This is how nature energizes people !

Besides all these lovely reasons to be happy, some things start murmuring some special thoughts from inside me ... Things that put me in ponder!

Another year has been gone, another Spring's to come ... A year I've grown up , and technically speaking, a year I've got closer to the end !

Ow, Lord ! ... Looking at the last year I find quite many things to be thankful to you! I do find great improvement in myself comparing to the last one..University affairs got more likable and results improved a lot! I got the benefit of presence if a number of university groups and tried out different human communities..I'd say my social view and experiences indeed flourished! Daddy's business condition passed it's critical point. Grand Pa survived from a few serious health conditions..And above all, I got to more seriously think of a grown up life, coping with the difficulties, rejoicing the niceties! ... I had so few signs of the problem I had the other year ... I can now officially state that I'm relieved of it ! How could I not be appreciative ?!

Although It's been all so good Lord , that usual thing is still murmuring some vague sentences inside me .. You know, I still guess that the inherent hollowness that human is born with, is still being carried by me ! ... The dream day would be the day when you fill it for me...
You are the one who created me ..You are the one who put up the bricks of my soul to build me up .. You know about the delicate features of my being , the ones that I may even be unaware of! So who could be of better guidance than you? Who might possibly offer me better choices than you ?! ...

You know about the small and big wishes that are being stored in this chest year after year very well ... You know what makes this incomplete complete. You know what fills this hollowness ... You know which destination would be closer to the end point you set for me !

Being all so HAKIM , Change things for better .. Change things for better !

Friday, March 12, 2010

Learn to say No!

Coming up with writing new posts is commonly associated with having been caught by some special feelings .. Each time , a specific kind of feeling yields to writing some lines regarding that topic ..
and Yes ... now i'm again caught by special sensations but this time from a different kind!
So my Dear Blog ..
Fasten your seat belt to hear my words ... to let me let out my thoughts !

From the very beginning I didn't have the ink of disobedience in my veins and never learned to learn it! .. Though finishing childhood and entering social life often teaches people how to act in a society to more benefit from it along with being beneficial; I didn't after all, find a poor talent in myself to learn to say NO !
Although many of us apparently accept the fact that we're grown up; deep down we stay a teenager or even a child .. we don't usually wish to admit that those days of innocence are gone! ...Being one of those many , I was on the same track !
But .. But recently life's changing in a way that forces me to more seriously admit or even sign it to have got grown up ...Choosing for a life! At least in this special case I'll need to learn to say NO if needed!..Learn it Mahsa ! It's already too late ..
ow Lord ! What would be wrong if I could stay a teenager a bit longer? just 4 months are left ,and I shall enter the 3rd decade of my life ..getting 20 !

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

This expression doesn't work for me!

"The last straw that broke the camel's back"

You probably have heard about the above expression .. It is used in a condition where someone is loaded with a massive amount of physical or mental tasks which are tiring him/her out..right in that condition, an additional piece of task or a worsening condition can make him/her completely give up (like hearing a bad news in the middle of a hug of things to go through and concentrate on) ... Just like a straw that though of being very light, can break a camel's back if added to the bulk of things on his back !

I said all these stuff to say : "This expression doesn't work for me !" :D

right on the moments when i start feeling the last straw's going to be added to my load ... Your kind hands unpack my back and relieve me , Dear Lord! ... Though you might overload someone with heavy luggage , you never break his/her back !
It's all about such delicate kindness of you that makes me keep loving you ! :)
keep being around Lord !

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Going to Rasht

Dear Blog !

I know it's long I've not been granted the time to renew you ... But just came to say that :"Though out of sight , but not out of heart !" ... I think of you .. think of writing all that rushes into my mind at times..But no way ! I'm going short of time recently !
But a quick review of my recent life wouldn't kill , huh ?! ;)

We went to RASHT with the company of a number of university friends.. An Ordoo as we'd say :D It was just fantastic .. out of description !!! Yup ! I enjoyed alot .. I hadn't seen Masouleh before and that was Fabulouse ..Bandar Anzali... and WoW Manjil..the nice view above! ...what delicious olives I bought ! uuummmm !
Above all , we had ALOT of fun with friends!

I have a lot to do to make up those 4 days that i was away from my studies ... :-s ..indeed alot ! but that was worth anyway :D