Friday, March 12, 2010

Learn to say No!

Coming up with writing new posts is commonly associated with having been caught by some special feelings .. Each time , a specific kind of feeling yields to writing some lines regarding that topic ..
and Yes ... now i'm again caught by special sensations but this time from a different kind!
So my Dear Blog ..
Fasten your seat belt to hear my words ... to let me let out my thoughts !

From the very beginning I didn't have the ink of disobedience in my veins and never learned to learn it! .. Though finishing childhood and entering social life often teaches people how to act in a society to more benefit from it along with being beneficial; I didn't after all, find a poor talent in myself to learn to say NO !
Although many of us apparently accept the fact that we're grown up; deep down we stay a teenager or even a child .. we don't usually wish to admit that those days of innocence are gone! ...Being one of those many , I was on the same track !
But .. But recently life's changing in a way that forces me to more seriously admit or even sign it to have got grown up ...Choosing for a life! At least in this special case I'll need to learn to say NO if needed!..Learn it Mahsa ! It's already too late ..
ow Lord ! What would be wrong if I could stay a teenager a bit longer? just 4 months are left ,and I shall enter the 3rd decade of my life ..getting 20 !

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