Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sweet-Heart Stories

Part Two

Sweet-heart could not at all help crying! Tears were falling uncontrollably. Thinking of such divine life having been over and a lonely journey having been embarked on, were all what she was fearing from. She tried to open her eyes but the direct sun rays shined right into her tender eyes so she had to tighten her eyelids.”Is that where I was supposed to land?” She wondered. “It’s quite cold here … It’s quite odd! I can’t get along with all these harsh stuff … what was that sharp stuff , that creature put into my nose? … Is she a traveler too?!..Anyway she was so big !”

Her crying gradually subsided! There was no way. That was the way it was. Who could disagree with it? Remembering the last words she heard from Lord , She was empowered with a heavenly energy assuming :”It’s gonna be so short , Lord promised me … I already have so much missed home ,how can I then put on staying here for a long while ? I don’t think I ever can attach to this annoying place”. Sweet-heart fell asleep murmuring these words.

Hi buddy!” the first angel said leaning against the tree. Sweet-heart replied astonished: ”Wow! Look at there ! It is you! my friends …How kind of you to have come to visit me in this strange town …ow no ! Look at this garden! How it resembles our garden at home , Doesn’t it ? … I wouldn’t think I’m gonna land on such a familiar place!”.

”It is you own garden at home!” said the second angel. “We’ll frequently come to take you home for a while till you start getting strong enough to bare the departure! … There’s a lovely thing on the Earth, people call it Sleeping. Whenever you get it, we’ll come on a visit to take you back home. Don’t worry Honey! You can be at home any time you wish to. We’re always around. Lord’s having his eyes on you! ” .

Sweet-heart slowed down happily and said: “How nice of you ! How nice of Lord! … I’m gonna give him a BIG thank the day I get back from the journey.”. “Good bye now sweetie!.. Take care!”. Angels shouted running way.

Sweet-heart opened her eyes. She wondered what that shining creature might be.”Wow! How it smells the Lord …it smells home! … What can that be, Lord?!”.Deep in her wonders she suddenly heard the shining creature saying : “You finally woke up Mommy !

Friday, February 5, 2010

Sweet-Heart Stories


Sweet-heart was reluctantly packing up her stuff to leave, unwillingly putting things in her luggage as if she were detaining to have her Lord stop her from departing. But her childish efforts were all in vain, Lord by no means seemed to have changed his mind. Sweet-heart was more impatient than waiting to hear a word from him so pleadingly burst into words: "Are you quite sure it is necessary for me to leave? ..You know..Well..I don' wish to! It's quite a lovely life here..Couldn't I just.. ". When Lord cut her words: "You know how dear you've been to me all along!..How come you doubt about my decisions about you? ". Sweet-heart replied in a way that more than ever tried to make her voice lovely: "When you start talking about departure, I unconsciously start doubting whether you truly love me!". Lord focused a fatherly frown on her and told her smiling: "That is exactly the reason why I'm sending you out there! … To show you obvious evidences of all you doubt about! ... to let you grow up, to become thorough, to purify your love towards me and prove mine to you...That's to your benefit, just trust me!"
Sweet-heart was desperate! She picked the luggage up and limped towards the door. Before she turned the door handle, turned back to have her last glance on Lord and whispered:"Don't take your eyes off me …I'll be quite alone! "…Lord whispered back reassuringly:"I will dear! You'll be back soon, promise!"
She opened the door and stepped out while her tears were restlessly slipping down her cheeks …She couldn’t overcome her sobs so she ran away so that Lord wouldn't hear the sound!
She ran into the new world weeping … And that was how she was born !