Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sweet-Heart Stories

Part Two

Sweet-heart could not at all help crying! Tears were falling uncontrollably. Thinking of such divine life having been over and a lonely journey having been embarked on, were all what she was fearing from. She tried to open her eyes but the direct sun rays shined right into her tender eyes so she had to tighten her eyelids.”Is that where I was supposed to land?” She wondered. “It’s quite cold here … It’s quite odd! I can’t get along with all these harsh stuff … what was that sharp stuff , that creature put into my nose? … Is she a traveler too?!..Anyway she was so big !”

Her crying gradually subsided! There was no way. That was the way it was. Who could disagree with it? Remembering the last words she heard from Lord , She was empowered with a heavenly energy assuming :”It’s gonna be so short , Lord promised me … I already have so much missed home ,how can I then put on staying here for a long while ? I don’t think I ever can attach to this annoying place”. Sweet-heart fell asleep murmuring these words.

Hi buddy!” the first angel said leaning against the tree. Sweet-heart replied astonished: ”Wow! Look at there ! It is you! my friends …How kind of you to have come to visit me in this strange town …ow no ! Look at this garden! How it resembles our garden at home , Doesn’t it ? … I wouldn’t think I’m gonna land on such a familiar place!”.

”It is you own garden at home!” said the second angel. “We’ll frequently come to take you home for a while till you start getting strong enough to bare the departure! … There’s a lovely thing on the Earth, people call it Sleeping. Whenever you get it, we’ll come on a visit to take you back home. Don’t worry Honey! You can be at home any time you wish to. We’re always around. Lord’s having his eyes on you! ” .

Sweet-heart slowed down happily and said: “How nice of you ! How nice of Lord! … I’m gonna give him a BIG thank the day I get back from the journey.”. “Good bye now sweetie!.. Take care!”. Angels shouted running way.

Sweet-heart opened her eyes. She wondered what that shining creature might be.”Wow! How it smells the Lord …it smells home! … What can that be, Lord?!”.Deep in her wonders she suddenly heard the shining creature saying : “You finally woke up Mommy !


zahra said...

I wanna go home... I want my Mommy...
Mahsa! I think your story answered one of my questions! now I know why babys sleep alot! ;)
Very beautiful my friend :)

ميفا said...

Mommy! :)

Mahsa Mohammadi said...

to Nooshin:
Mommy >>:D<<

to Zahra:

An Intelligent Student said...

Comin Back to what is has to be (I mean Weblog)

Mohammad Asghari said...

That was another fantastic post,
very lovely and divine.
I'm eagerly waiting for the next part...

note: "Angle" In the first line of third and forth paragraph, I think, should change to "angel".

Mahsa Mohammadi said...

to An intelligent student :
It must be my pleasure!

to Mr Asghari :
Thank you for your remark!:)
you're right ! and moreover ,I'm glad to hear about your interest in my postings!

man said...

I studied the whole story, and what i got is that you're talented and have a great story maker mind, but there is a problem that i want you to notice and that is your grammer mistakes, and somehowe dictation mistakes.
Anyway i believe that you should read your story after you write it to correct your mistakes.
That's all i've got to say.
We're waiting for the next part!..

Mahsa Mohammadi said...

To man:

Firstly I admire it that you considered some time reading my posts and giving your opinion on that.And i'm also quite glad about your interest in it!
But the fact is that, English is not my mother tongue so it is entirely true that I have frequent mistakes...I put my whole knowledge in writting my blog since i deeply like writing in English. But still there exists some problems ,as you said, which i couldnt see them the moment i was writting them...So that would be my deep pleasure if any of my readers would comment about my mistakes !

Mahla rahimynezhad said...

wow!it is so impressive.
i am eagerly waiting for next parts.i admire your artistic feelings.
thanks alot for your beautiful notes

de b!g Bro (Mo... Ne..) said...

Hi again,
Another great writing: so sweet and cute. Like others, I'm waiting to read the next part.

P.S.1. "There’s a lovely thing on the Earth, people call it Sleeping." Haha, I can't agree with this more. :P

P.S.2. Regarding "MAN" Comment: Honestly, I didn't notice much (if any :D) grammar or dictation mistake. Probably because I'm not a native or I because I didn't focus on such things. To me, as long as the message is crossed to the reader (with little mistake), it is good.

p.S.3. Keep up the great work BIG Writer! ;)

Mahsa Mohammadi said...

To B!g bro:

Sleeping turns into such a challenging matter when it approaches to the middle of the term when activities rise up! :)
So I changed the whole story of Human being from the very beginning :D mentioning this crucial fact to Human ... hoping that they possibly remember about their sweet-heart ;)

Shall embark on writing the third part A.S.A.P

de b!g Bro said...

MDR :))) (Mourire de rire)

Mahsa Mohammadi said...

God bless Google translator !
اثنتان نقطتان دی

de b!g Bro said...

: D Indeed!

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