Saturday, July 31, 2010

The 20th turn around the Sun

Today, when the hands of the clock ticked towards the position that would represent 2:30 pm, I completed my 20th turn around the Sun. I have been going round and round in one way in the space for 20 times but still wonder why I've not yet learned well, how to find my way in this universe..still I wander in numerous ways, trying a number of them to see if they're the ones I'm expecting!
You know what ? I somewhat reached to this conclusion that I've not been going through exactly the same path in these 20 times. The 19th cycle was differently made from the 20th. Same thing with the 18th. I don't remember going the same way in the 18th time compared to the 19th one ! ... well ... I actually sensed the correctness of the theorem saying: "Time is the fourth dimension."
Happy birthday SmartSis! Feel good girl !. Feel good to have been granted the bless of life for more than 20 years ! .. light up your eyes by looking at the beauties you created, beauties you enjoyed and the beauties bestowed to you .. Enjoy this blossom of youth !
I always loved the number 20. Especially in school whenever I was given a 20, my eyes would be given a glitter of glory(In Iran students are graded out of 20). Maybe that's why I'm feeling kind of different this birthday.
I had an English teacher who once told us something about the specialness of one's birthday. She said that in one's birthday, there are extraterrestrial powers in that person. The effects of the stars turn into a special way. She told us to treasure our birthdays and ask God for good and big wishes since we're more powerful to bring those wishes into reality!
So I took this advice (no matter I believe about the magic of this day or not) and asked my Lord to make my 21th turn around the sun a BIG step ahead in the road of life.. really a BIG one !

Friday, July 30, 2010


With eager heart and will on fire,
I fought to win my great desire.
"Peace shall be mine," I said; but life
Grew bitter in the weary strife.
My soul was tired, and my pride
Was wounded deep, to Heaven I cried:
"God grant me peace or I must die."
The dumb stars glittered no reply.
Broken at last, I bowed my head,
Forgetting all myself, and said :
"Whatever comes, His will be done."
And in that moment peace was won.

By Henry van Dyke

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Human, from cradle to grave ....

These days, the summer leisure time lets us have some time to ponder about many of fundamental things that the hectic life never lets us contemplate on!..Yeah .. Many of us have probably forgotten the cradle where we got brought up!
The other night was one of those special nights ... Having long long talks with mom till late in the midnight was something I really was really yearning for. Hearing about the days when I hadn't yet got the chance to step into the world, about the difficulty of life, sufferings of a mother giving birth for her first experience and difficulties of bringing up a baby besides having a job, were all the things that put me into deep thoughts... Hearing that I would one day rejoice having been bought a new pair of shoes and listening to the story of my illnesses in childhood and my weakness, all shout to me that "What a negligible creature I used to be!". Under God's shelter and compassion I was granted a pair of human, called parents, who took the burden of bringing me up and so I flourished!
One the other hand ,there are stories of those who ,in stead of flourishing, went down the road of life to where it brought about weakness and debility to them !... It is just the photo album that keeps in his chest, the heroic days of their youth... Those days are even getting erased from the minds of the nearby relatives.
That's it, the most natural process of humanity ! The process of inching your way from the cradle to the grave... Although this process is too natural to be doubted or disbelieved, many of us still forget that " we were nothing at first and finally shall turn into nothing as well ! "

If only we think of our seconds more precious than discarding it in return of the least price ever, if we more cherish the moments we are together and remember that this togetherness wont last forever... If only we remember that heart-touching sentence of the holy Qoran saying : "Creating you in your mothers' wombs, creation after creation beneath three levels of darkness... This is how your Lord is. So where are you heading off to ? "... If Only so, We won't head off to the wrong destination !