Friday, January 15, 2010

Hope .. hope ..

It's quite appreciable to see these sensations turning up in me after so long a time ... The lovely vibes that used to abound in me in the past years but tended to gradually vanish as time went on.

Yeah , those glorious days .. Those heart-lifting moments ... Now that i'm writing these lines i clearly sense those feelings with the whole of my heart ... huh .. Remember that piece of paper sticking on the wall for all those years ? , Sure i remember it word by word !

"I am the happiest and luckiest girl in the word

Every on looks up to me and admires me
I am full of positive energy
My future's going to shine ...... "

I had it on my wall for long long time .. Even at spring cleanings i'd formerly warn mom not to ruin the paper by splashing water on it .. i'd sensitively take it off before the cleanings and put it back after that ..
Every day when i'd proudly get up to start another shining day, those encouraging lines on my wall would more enrich me with that historical hope ... heh ..I had a chemistry teacher who once told me : " I wonder about such strong confidence in you! "

nowadays if i ever happen to be captured with that lovely hope , i indeed must cherish it a world ; since they come so scarcely ! ... and tonight is one of those rare nights ! :) i unreasonably see future waiting for me to hug ! I'm recalled of that repetitive sentence : "The future's so bright that burns my eyes " ... I mustn't take all such glorious past for granted and let bygones be bygone .. NO ! bygones are to promise To-comes ! :D ... Had it not been for that compassionate Lord , I never would ever have reached the state i'm now in ! ... it is ungrateful of me to close my eyes at whatever of blessings that has so far been through my life and merely care for the ungranteds ! .. It is not something off the wall to see yourself excel in whatever you embark on ,out of scratch ! ... Something's murmuring in me : "The Lord who first suggested you this path , will indeed be of complete guidance.. Trust the signs and just go on !"

yeah .. maybe i should look for that paper and again stick it on the wall .. or even come up with writing a new one !

You know , when man steps the road of his life , the stones and thorns in his way appear ineffective at first ...His feet are strong and not yet have been hurt by the pebbles ... So he puts on walking on them; nose in the air ... But as the road is more passed , pebbles rise in number , feet get less potent and difficulties turn up ...
Yes ! " Your cup may overflow " ! , the sentence i heard as the answer to "What's wrong?" ...
You know when one's cup may overflow? ... in your journey on the road , when the stones on the ground have cruelly hurt your feet and your heart pleads to you to stop for a sec to take fresh air , watch out that the level of your cup is rising up .. Stop dude ! Stop for a sec and for Goodness's sake let that poor mind be at rest! always leave the safe distance from the top of the cup ! : ) if not , you cup surely overflows !..and if it happens , long will take to make it up !


علی said...

It is too hard for me to read your posts and always I should carry a dictionary to read your posts.
The picture and the text matches in a very meaningful way.
At last I wish a cup that will never overflow for you and for all the people around the world.

Mahsa Mohammadi said...

before all , thanks a lot for regularly dropping by my posts and praising them!
I've started wondering if maybe the language i'm writing in ,will interest fewer people to put on reading them .. maybe i should think of writing in persian :-?

May nobody's cup overflow ! I know how dreadful it is !