Friday, October 30, 2009

Tell that nerve no longer to push against my head !

Little , naughty and at times, bothering nerve !

Would you honestly tell me about the reason why you unreasonably start pushing against my head ?.... What is it that bothers you honey, huh ?? .. you're not bothering about the heart-breaking process you frequently get hunted by, are you ?..ow ! come ON babay ! I thought you were already mature enough to finally find a way to get along with habitual unpleasant events ! :-|

Your inner being seems much younger than your outer's ..though of being apparently mature , how delicately your inner structure falls apart with a tiny strike !

I know you have the right to moan at times, you have the true right to burst into complaints ... you have that right to stand straight and claim your lost voice, But my baby .... Your divine soul will never choose such solutions ... i read that from your eyes ...

... rebuild your being every single time you get ruined! reestablish the fallen bricks , put them up and rearrange them !! you're gonna need yourself for so long a time, you bet ! ;)

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Thinking said...


I think your nerve need a rest.

hmm...sometimes yeiling can do the trick.