Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Such Hollowness governing around..

Has it ever happened to you to start wondering why life's got so much meaningless for a while? well..that's what i'm like!
I believe there's something missing in my recent life..something i had before, but no longer posses it !... But hardly can figure out what !
What is it that gives meaning to your moments? what is it that colors your seconds and bestows vitality to them?! ..what is it, on the other hand, that stalls your progress, your satisfaction, your motivation to move ahead and ,in brief ,makes you feel something is lost !?... What have i lost ?!
Yeah, when you get down to truly solve the problem, when you exactly write down the question, The answer seems to appear on the spot !
Aren't you just missing yourself ?! Try to have some get to-gathers with her ! she's missing you too! i dare say !

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Connie L. Nash said...

Refreshing blog - I'm enjoying this new way to phrase the inner conversations and the wish to be patient with oneself. These inner discussions show lots of complex dynamics made clear and universal...recognizable and humorous.

Thank You!