Saturday, July 31, 2010

The 20th turn around the Sun

Today, when the hands of the clock ticked towards the position that would represent 2:30 pm, I completed my 20th turn around the Sun. I have been going round and round in one way in the space for 20 times but still wonder why I've not yet learned well, how to find my way in this universe..still I wander in numerous ways, trying a number of them to see if they're the ones I'm expecting!
You know what ? I somewhat reached to this conclusion that I've not been going through exactly the same path in these 20 times. The 19th cycle was differently made from the 20th. Same thing with the 18th. I don't remember going the same way in the 18th time compared to the 19th one ! ... well ... I actually sensed the correctness of the theorem saying: "Time is the fourth dimension."
Happy birthday SmartSis! Feel good girl !. Feel good to have been granted the bless of life for more than 20 years ! .. light up your eyes by looking at the beauties you created, beauties you enjoyed and the beauties bestowed to you .. Enjoy this blossom of youth !
I always loved the number 20. Especially in school whenever I was given a 20, my eyes would be given a glitter of glory(In Iran students are graded out of 20). Maybe that's why I'm feeling kind of different this birthday.
I had an English teacher who once told us something about the specialness of one's birthday. She said that in one's birthday, there are extraterrestrial powers in that person. The effects of the stars turn into a special way. She told us to treasure our birthdays and ask God for good and big wishes since we're more powerful to bring those wishes into reality!
So I took this advice (no matter I believe about the magic of this day or not) and asked my Lord to make my 21th turn around the sun a BIG step ahead in the road of life.. really a BIG one !


علی said...

Happy your birthday...
With best wishes

m.Asghari said...

birthday is sort of things that are new even in their 1000th repeatation

with the wish of an excellent life
Joyeux anniversaire(happy birthday)

ميفا said...

Happy Birthday to you again!
20th is really special! ;)

Mahsa Mohammadi said...

@Mr Ali:
Thank you!

@Mr m.Asghari:
I do agree a great deal ... birthdays are always fresh with their own special feelings, no matter the 120th one ;)

@ Mifa:'re making me blush after all >:D< Thank you for a thousand of time!

connie nash said...

May this celebration and NEW YEAR be just amazing in every way: spiritual, academic, relationship-wise, etc. etc.

My Best to you!

And I would enjoy your ongoing exploration of the meaning of numbers personally and generally...

Reyhaneh said...
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Reyhaneh said...

Happy Birthday Mahsa ;)

b!g Bro said...

Joyeux anniversaire ma soeur intelligente!

tamnat said...

As a teacher I'd give you 20 points for this post. It proves you are sensible, thoughtful, searching, good at reasoning, SMART!
As a mother and your friend I will just say I love you and I wish your next, 21st cycle of life to be sparkling with new sensations, discoveries, exciting experiences, and even more beauties than you've seen before.

Your Russian mamochka,

Mahsa Mohammadi said...

@ Reyhane khahari:
>:D< Thank you Khahari joonam!

@ b!g Bro :
Thanks a lot ... you almost excelled in French :)

Mahsa Mohammadi said...

@ My Dear mamochka!

Dear Dear Tamara ! How nice of you to have come here ....SmartSis page has become a lot lively by your presence! I got really delighted reading your heart-warming comment, my teacher ! :)
What a sweet event to get a 20 from such kind teacher! ;)
Thank you for all those precious wishes .. I must be more than lucky to have such sweet-heart friends with all those nice wishes for me!

Eager to see you more here and hear about your thoughts and how you do these days.
Ur daughter

Mahsa Mohammadi said...
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Anonymous said...

My lovely daughter Mahsen'ka,

I'm more than delighted to read your notes. All the memories of our pre-uni chats came back. Here's my Mermaid with her inquisitiveness, her insight, her drive and ambitions and her loving heart.

Now that my sister is visiting me I won't be very wordy... But you'll have me as your reader, your follower.

I'm sending you my love and smiles,


Mahsa Mohammadi said...

Dear Mommy, Tamara !

wow .. our pre-uni memories :D
What special days they were.. so stressful as well as exciting !..I remember I would moan about my tough lessons to you and you would put up with my nagging motherly! ;) It goes back to almost 3 years ago.. How time goes on fast!
After I entered university our talks got dwindled .. It took me a few months till I got used to the new environment and the daily journeys I had to have, going university and getting back home. (there's a long distance that first it looked like a daily journey)
But things got fine very soon..I got attached to the place and its people and found a fair number of lovely friends ;) Although the severeness of the lessons is not less, I feel much better than i would do during my pre-collage since it's less stressful and the community is warm !

Hope you very good time with your sister :)
SmartSis de Mermeid ;)

tamnat said...

Sorry for the belated response Mahsen'ka. I still can't get over the loss of my pet doggy... He was a family member that's why we are so sad. But his sufferings are over. He'd been too bad lately. We will always remember our Chance, who hadbrought so much joy to our family, my children and grandchildren. He's been our travel companion too, we'd taken him anywhere with us... Peace upon him!

Well, those were the days!!! I fully understood how hard it was to get used to the new rhythm of life, new environment, new professors and their demands. And those long travels to and fro...OMG!

You had to go through this change, there was no other way whether you liked it or not, and you learned to meet new challenges, gained new skilles, benefited a lot from this new endevour. Having a critical mind, you try to see deep into the matter... you don't just take things for granted, you investigate, ask questions and try to find an answer to questions life puts now and then.

Oh how exciting it is to be young, inquisitive and free!

Connie L. Nash said...


Miss your postings!

Do you have a favorite poet/poem/prayer or two?

David said...

happy birthday!
long time no post!?

ميفا said...

Please Write again...